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Zombie Runner

You are a young zombie who has been marked by the government as a threat to society. But don’t worry, they have an app for that. It will scan your brainwaves, identify your unique scent and then track you down. Zombies… aren’t afraid of anything, are they? Use your sharp senses, weapons and quick reactions to get away from the zombies and make it to safety. Hypercasual - The Most Casual Game You'll Ever Play

You are the last human left on Earth. Your only asset against the zombie hordes is your automatic gun which you have to shoot angrily to reload your clip. To make things worse, there’s a whole new world of zombies which you have to fight. You can either continue fighting the same old zombies over and over again, or you can go out of your way, and play a new game called

How to play Zombie Runner

Using Mouse

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