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Zombie Bullet 3D

In this Zombie Bullet 3d,game,boy, defense, crazy, adventure, action, csgo game you are a lone survivor trying to survive in the wild with only one goal in To stay alive! Use different guns and weapons to kill zombies and protect yourself from their hunger. Are you up for the challenge? How many waves can you last before they take your life? How to Play: It’s easy-peasy. Just tap on the screen to shoot your gun and keep away from those hungry zombies. They may look innocent but trust us that’s not always what it seems. Carefully plan your shots or you will end up meeting them face-to-face sooner than you think. Discover new shooting locations as you play and try to beat your high score by getting more points than anyone else. 

In a world where zombies reign supreme, Bullet is one of the few humans left. Determined to lead his fellow survivors and keep his loved ones safe, he trains rigorously with his trusty revolver and has become quite the marksman. It’s not easy being the last human alive; everyone wants him dead! Luckily, there are other humans who have the same dream as Bullet: Take over the world as the ultimate zombie slayer. If you love zombies, you’ll love this game! The friends of Bullet are on their way to join him in this epic battle for survival! Will they be able to do it?It's time to shoot the Zombies! Zombies are coming and you have to be ready. The only way to be ready is by shooting them. In this game you must defend yourself against zombies with your trusty automatic rifle, machine gun and sniper rifle. Use various bullets and upgrades to help you survive longer. Your father has been called from the sea for a rescue mission out in the middle of the zombie-infested wastelands. He left you behind in his boat with your trusty automatic rifle, which is also known as a weapon. 

How to play Zombie Bullet 3D

Using Mouse

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