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VortexTunnel 3D

VortexTunnel 3D is a fantastic arcade game that is similar in quality to Tunnel Rush. You must guide a ball through a succession of 3D mazes in this game. You must react quickly to guide the ball through because it goes at a fast pace. To control the ball's movement, use the mouse; you must hop from platform to platform while keeping the ball rolling at all costs. This game has many different colors, corresponding to the obstacles that you will have to overcome. What color is your ball, you will have to move it to the obstacle of that color, if you hit the wrong color, you lose.

Make sure you only move your ball onto the right color; else, your run will finish and you will have to restart. Remember to collect the small dots to increase your score while slowing down your movement. What is the best score you can do?

- Eye-catching interface with many bright colors
- attractive, interesting game
- requires fast finger speed
- simple gameplay, easy to grasp

How to play VortexTunnel 3D

Using Mouse

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