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Track Control

You are a ball. You have to control your fall by bouncing off obstacles and playing with other balls. How to play: Click where you want your ball to go. It will bounce there the next time it passes that way. Use the arrows on your device or the joystick in the upper left corner of the screen to move your ball. There are many levels in this game but they all start off with almost the same thing - gravity! The first object is always going to be easy - a wall of balls moving at exactly the same speed and in an exact straight line! But as the levels get harder, it will become increasingly difficult for you to control where the balls go and how they bounce. Try not to spend too much time thinking about how to play, just click 

With the help of our ball boy game control app you can now have more fun playing your favorite childhood games. The app is able to track your ball’s location, its speed, and its trajectory with amazing accuracy. It will also alert you when your ball leaves the confines of the playing field or goes out of bounds. It has various game modes that are suitable for different levels of play and skill sets. You can also set custom goals and challenges for each game mode using the in-app goal and challenge store. You can even share your best shots by uploading them to social media using the in-app camera and photo

In this game, you control a ball that is bouncing on a surface and trying to keep its balance. Try to make the ball go through obstacles without falling over. Use your mouse to play this game. Have fun! Controls: - Controls: Mouse - Play this game using mouse only. - If you can't see the ball while playing, then you're using an old computer. Newer computers have mice that work better with games 

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