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Timbermulock is a classic game from the golden era of video games. In this game you have to help the little guy escape from his captivity by rolling him through various mazes. The game has interesting puzzles, beautiful graphics and catchy music that can keep you hooked for hours. The objective of this game is to roll the little man to safety through the dangerous mazes. You will have to solve different puzzles in order to reach your destination safely. To help you out, you will find some blueprints which will allow you to build mechanical parts that can help you get past certain obstacles in the level. You play as a little man who has been locked inside of a cage in every level of this game. You need to roll him through various maces and traps in order to get out of there safely. There are 30 tricky levels with more than 30 intriguing puzzles and challenges waiting for you once you start playing this amazing 3D puzzle arcade

Timbermoll is a game where you need to use your reflexes in the fastest way possible. There are many obstacles on your way and will be tougher than you think. The objective of the game is to climb up the highest tree possible and try to reach the top. To do so, you will have to tap on all other trees that are in your way. Time keeps ticking, so if you don’t move there’ll be less time left when you check it again. But wait, what if we told you that there’s an easier version? You can achieve this challenge with only one player at once! The players must go through all levels with the help of AI controlled characters as well as a timer that keeps counting down how much time they have left before Timbermoll resets itself again. This game is harder than it seems, but trust us – once you master this game, everyone else will want to play it

Timberman is a single player game in which you need to use the mouse to control your character, and use him to destroy the red blobs that are coming towards him. You have various tools at your disposal for this. In addition to your trusty steel sword, you can use traps such as boulders or spike walls. You can also use plants and any building that you have constructed - as long as it's made of wood or stone. The aim of this game is not so much to defeat all of your enemies, but rather to reach the exit door at the far right corner of the map. This means that you should try and sneak past the other enemies on the map without them being aware of your presence. Also watch out for any traps! If you fail, then it’s over; there’s no second chance in this

The Let's Make! Timberman Game is a puzzle arcade game released by Namco in 1984. The player must guide the little Timberman through various levels and traps to collect five pieces of the magic crystal that will return him back to his tree home. In this game, you can play with up to three friends at the same time (with no second player). The object of the game is to help the little man get through five different levels, each more difficult than the previous one. Only when he has collected all five pieces of the magic crystal will he be able to return

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Using Mouse

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