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Tiles Hop 3D

Hypercasual games are hot right now. More and more developers try to capture this market by making smaller, bite-sized games that can be played in one sitting. With the rise of micro-gaming there has also been a rise in the number of ball-jumping games with tiles or other objects as the main mechanics. If you love ball-jumping arcade games and like to see how many levels you can get through, then you will love Hyper Tiles Hop 3D! This brand new hypercasual game is a perfect blend of old school ball jumping with new age graphics and gameplay mechanics. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this new game and why it’s worth your time. Let’s dive

Hop is a hypercasual arcade game about music, jumping and timing. Three magical tiles have been stolen from the palace’s labyrinth. You play as the fearless knight who has been sent on a mission to recover them! Jump onto platforms, collect gems and avoid spike traps to get as far as you can. Remember: practice makes perfect! Good luck and don’t jump too fast or you might slip

Hypercasual gaming is the new trend and it’s here to stay. We’ve seen an increase of players exploring this type of games, which led to the creation of several game jams focused on these types of games. In this article, you will discover what hypercasual gaming means, how it works and why you should invest your time in creating a game in this

Hypercasual games are weird and wonderful. They also have a name that's kinda hard to remember. So let's cut to the chase: what are hypercasual games, and why do we think they're important? This article will give you an overview of what hyper-fast and casual games mean, who’s making them, and how You can succeed with this type of game design.

A hypercasual version of the classic game you know and love. With only three taps to complete each level, this game is perfect when you only have a few minutes to play. Tiles Hop 3D is an arcade-style puzzle game in which you must find the correct tiles to advance through the

How to play Tiles Hop 3D

Using Mouse

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