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Teen Runner

Teen Runner is a fun and addictive action game where you need to help the main character escape from an asylum by getting through locked doors. This challenging and exciting game will test your skills, concentration, and reaction speed as you race against the clock. The graphics are very simple but that just adds to the charm of this little gem of a game! It’s easy to play with simple instructions available from the get-go. You just have to tap anywhere on the screen to go in that direction. If you hit a wall or obstacle then you will stop immediately, so be careful! Every time you finish a level, there is also another harder version unlocked so it’s great for keeping coming back again and again! 

Teen Runner is a challenging and super addictive running game. You take control of a girl or boy during their last summer at home before going to college. It has been quite a boring summer for them until one day she finds an old abandoned mansion. Teen Runner game offers the player several different levels, each with its own characteristics and difficulties. The objective is to run as fast as you can through the mansion's rooms, avoid being caught by the ghost, and collect all three hidden gems in each room to open the door to the next level. There are no time limits or additional enemies besides the creepy ghost that will chase you if it sees you! If you like this small size game, don’t forget to rate it and share it with your friends.

If you are a teen and love to play escape games, then you'll love this game. If you have always wished that your escape games could be a little more fast-paced, action-packed, and addictive, then you will love this game! 

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Teen Runner is an arcade-style game. The faster you complete the level, the higher your score! Get ready to explore a teen world where danger lurks around every corner. But don’t worry. You have some friends that will help you along the adventure.


How to play Teen Runner

Using Mouse

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