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Tallman Run

Hypercasual games are the most recent type of mobile games to enter the market. They tend to be small, simple games where users can pick up and put down the game very easily. But these small, simple experiences also make for quick game sessions so that players can come back to it again and again without spending extended periods of time in any one session. This new category of mobile games has taken off like wildfire in the past year or two with companies like Superhot and Loot Drop leading the charge. See what sets them apart from other types of mobile games and why they might be here

Hypercasual games are not the end of gaming as we know it, but they will have a lasting impact on how we see mobile games. These bite-sized experiences offer a streamlined, engaging experience that’s perfect for today’s shorter attention spans and smartphone users who don’t want to spend an hour completing a level or learning new mechanics. Hyper-measureable Casual Games are on the rise, thanks to their simple mechanics and easy-to-access gameplay. These sub-branches are here to stay and will continue to grow and get even better

Hyper Casual is a game sub-genre in which the games are designed to be short and sweet, with very little time commitment required from at Taller Games believe that Hyper Casual games can be as challenging and engaging as other types of games, so we created Hype Runner to prove it! In this endless runner you will have to run from one end of the level to another avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Use the coins you get to upgrade your character’s abilities. 

Hyper casual games are one of the hottest trends in mobile gaming right now. With so many people shifting their attention to other apps, developers have begun to create simpler and more streamlined experiences. Some of these games have only a few seconds of gameplay time, making them perfect for those with little time on their hands. If you’re an avid gamer and love exploring new game types, then you will want to check out these hyper casual games for your Android

Hypercasual gaming is a relatively new genre that thrives on short, intense experiences. It’s not as simple as making an ordinary game and dividing it into smaller parts. Hypercasual games are made with specific design principles in mind to facilitate fast and accessible gameplay. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 8 amazing examples of this

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Using Mouse

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