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Sweet Shop 3D

Sweet Shop 3d is a new virtual reality game that will test the limits of your concentration, give you hands cramps from clicking so fast, and leave you wanting to play it again. It’s a great time killer and it’s free! You get to own your own ice cream shop and use your creative skills to make the coolest menu possible. This article will explain exactly what Sweet Shop 3d is, how to download and install it, a detailed walkthrough of all features, tips and tricks on how to get further in the game and answers to frequently asked

Sweet Shop 3D is a highly addictive incremental game with a focus on management and strategy. You will start as an apprentice in a small ice-cream shop and work your way up to becoming the owner of your own ice-cream empire. The gameplay is simple, you just need to make sure you have enough supplies, keep your customers happy by giving them exactly what they ask for, and invest in new technologies so that you don’t get left behind your

Sweet Shop 3D is a free to play 3D farming game featuring delicious candy. You must manage your own candy shop, grow crops, and sell sweets to your customers. Earn money to expand your shop and buy new upgrades. This incremental game has many features including multiple locations, years, seasons, weather

Sweet Shop 3D is an incremental game where the player manages a virtual sweets shop. You have to get orders ready and serve customers in order to earn money to expand your business and unlock new features. Since this is an incremental game, you can expect plenty of upgrades, rewards

Sweet Shop 3d is an incremental game where you manage a shop and its staff to serve your customers with sweets. You buy ingredients, hire staff members, upgrade your shop, and sell everything as fast as possible to get more money and reach the next

How to play Sweet Shop 3D

Controls WASD or arrow keys or drag left mouse button = move Left mouse button = interact with the in-game buttons

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