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A route out from world's entrance leads to a castle on the overworld map, which shows an overview view of the current world. The aim of the world can be accomplished in a variety of ways thanks to the paths that connect action panels, fortifications, ghost houses, castles, and other map icons. Access to the route is made possible by moving the on-screen character to an action panel or castle. The majority of the game is played in these linear stages, which are filled with obstacles and opponents. To travel throughout the stage, the player must dash, jump, avoid obstacles, and kill enemies. The player is assigned this certain amount of lives, which are lost whenever Mario comes into contact with an adversary while playing as Tiny Mario, falls into a bottomless pit, is crushed, touches lava, or is otherwise badly influenced.

The game ends when the player runs out of lives, although they can pick up where they left off by choosing "Continue" from the most recent save point (a successfully finished castle, fortress, or haunted house). Each of the seven worlds has a boss to overcome in the final level. The player must also battle Bowser in his castle in the seventh and final planet, which is controlled by one of the Koopalings. [16] The multiplayer mode in Super Mario World enables two people to play the game by switching off while entering stage levels and exploring the overworld map. The first player plays Mario, and the second player controls his brother Luigi.

Super Mario World adds a new power-up called the Cape Feather to its collection of power-ups, which already includes the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. This power-up grants Mario a cape and the capacity to fly, glide through the air, and use the cape as a sail. Moreover, the game adds the feature of "storing" an extra power-up in a box at the top center of the screen. For instance, a Super Mushroom will show up in the box if the player acquires a Fire Flower or a Cape Feather. The object that is stored in the box will fall out automatically if Mario is struck by an adversary. As an alternative, the player is always able to manually release the item.

Yoshi, a dinosaur buddy that Mario may ride and who can devour the majority of foes, is introduced in the game. Yoshi can spit out a Koopa and fire it at foes if he tries to consume it or its shell. Yoshi will ingest the shell if the player doesn't spit it out in a set amount of time, making it useless. Yoshi acquires the skill associated with the color of the Koopa shell he is carrying in his mouth: a blue shell makes him fly, a yellow shell causes him to release dust clouds that kill foes in his immediate area, and a red shell causes him to unleash three fireballs that kill enemies. Green Koopa shells don't create any of the three powers, but flashing Koopa shells do.

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