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Star Rush

Space shooter fun in the Milky Way using your mouse. Star Rush is a simple but challenging puzzle game that will have you hooked from the first second. The objective of this space shooter game is shooting down all the aliens, and collecting power-ups along the way. Star Rush has amazing graphics that are a sight to behold even for a PC gamer. With its catchy music and sound effects, this game will have you watching it over and over again as you try to beat your high scores. Your ultimate aim is to reach the final level; however, there are several barriers along the way. You must upgrade your ship by purchasing new parts, and there are several tricky levels that must be overcome before reaching that level. The game features several different modes such as Adventure Mode, Time Trial Mode, Multiplayer Mode (both local & online), Challenge Mode, Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges. There are also other bonuses hidden away in different places which include Character Unlock Cards and Bonus Stages

In this game you are a pilot of space ship. You have to shoot down all the enemies which are coming towards. There are many types of enemies. You can use your boosters and change the direction of your ship as per need by pressing left or right arrows key. Click on left mouse button to fire lasers from your spaceship. Your spaceship follows a curve and you have to aim accurately and fire at the target from curve in order to hit it. The further enemies you hit they will come towards. Try to shoot them before they reach the end 

Are you ready for the most epic arcade game of all time? Super Space Invaders is here! You are the last hope against the alien invasion. Are you ready to fight? You can play this game alone or with friends. To play this game, use your arrow keys to move and shoot. 

How to play Star Rush

Using Mouse

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