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Space Speed

Space Speed is a free game in the Platform Games genre that you can play on our website. You're speeding through a colorful tunnel while avoiding several hazards in various shapes.
Maintain your concentration!

This game is completely free to play. You may play this game on your computer using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. This game may be played on touch displays on your phone or tablet by tapping or swiping. Your screen should be able to accommodate the game. If you receive a notification concerning your phone or tablet's alignment, please rotate it to adjust the orientation. If required, refresh the page. Please leave a remark below the game if you need assistance. You can access other games by clicking on the recommended games, next, or previous games links below. You can also look through the categories for the games you want to play. We wish you all the best...

Your task is to move left or right to avoid the obstacles in front of you. The more obstacles you overcome, the more points you get.
- beautiful graphics, many colors
- simple gameplay easy to understand
- engaging game with many skills
The game will help you practice agility and careful observation. Requires flexibility when playing. If you love challenge then this game is for you.

How to play Space Speed

Using Mouse

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