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Snake Rush

Snake is in your way? AVOID HIM! Avoid that snake with your arrow keys, and collect stars to get more points! How long can you

This Snake is not like a normal one, it eats Snakes and if it catches you, you're dead :). How many levels can you complete? Are you a pro at avoiding them? Find out in this exciting new game where every round is more difficult than the last. Oh again! The Snake has come back to haunt us once again and this time, it has even more poisonous tricks up its sleeve. Your mission is to help the Snake get as far away from danger as possible by avoiding tree branches and other obstacles that are sure to make it angry. But be careful not to let the Snake get too far ahead or else it will wrap itself around a handy tree branch and end up right in front of you! Features: - Different types of Snakes - More challenging levels than ever before - Smooth, intuitive gameplay - Leaderboards support Let's see how long we can keep this one at

Snake vs. snake is a classic arcade game. The goal of the player is simple: avoid the other snakes to reach the finish line. Each level, the snakes grow and become more difficult. You must be alert at all times! If you get caught, your run ends and you have to start back from the beginning. Instead of avoiding endless snakes, you will avoid their brothers with the same habits. To play Snake vs Snake has 3 steps: - Set up your snake, who will feed itself while moving on all sides - Choose your opponent: a small green snake, or a big red one - Play this challenging game against your reptilian

In this game you have to help the snake to find it’s way through the forest by avoiding all the obstacles that are on its way. The biggest challenge is to avoid the pythons and other snakes, but also some traps, trunks and branches. Be careful! It is not easy to avoid everything in this game, so good luck and have

Snake games are favorite games of Android users. You may have played many snake games, but have you ever played an Angry Snake game? Well, if not then you should try it once! In this tutorial, we will show you how to create your own snake game using Unity engine. The end result will look like the image

How to play Snake Rush

Using Mouse

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