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Smash Karts

Smash Karts is an online 3D multiplayer battle karting game with weapons! This game is a fast and furious top-down, third person or VR virtual reality karting game that pits you against your friends. You can choose between one of several characters and drive around in exciting race tracks with different types of traps and obstacles. Players can choose from four different characters, each with their own unique stats and advantages. They also have five different karts to choose from, which have varying stats depending on their class. Finally, players can outfit their character with various clothing items that offer certain advantages in races. Additionally, there are many different weapons to use against your opponents such as rockets, land mines, oil slicks and much more! The ultimate goal is to finish first. 

This amazing game is a top-down multiplayer battle kart racing game with weapon mechanics. Up to 4 players can battle in this fast paced, action packed, 3D battle kart game with upgradable weapons and hats! Play locally or online with friends and compete for the championship. In This one you can drive crazy custom karts, smash your opponents and shoot them with as many different weapons as you can find. There are so many items that it’s almost like playing a different game every time you hit “New Game”. This is not just another kart racing game, jump into the arena

Smash Karts is a fast-paced multiplayer battle game set in a world populated by cute little karts! You will have to drive your kart through crazy tracks, attack your opponents with different weapons, and use your skills to win. The game offers several game modes, including ranked matches, unranked matches with friends, and practice mode. In order to play, you will need a Google account, which you can sign up for free. After logging in, you can start playing the game right away

This one is a fast-paced online multiplayer battle game that pits you against players from all over the world. You’ll race through hazardous tracks armed with an arsenal of weapons and powerups. Your goal is to be last one standing by eliminating all other racers. This game is easy to learn but hard to master, so if you’re ready for the challenge then download it now and join the karting

This game is a 3D battle kart racing game where you can smash, crash, and destroy your friends

How to play Smash Karts

Controls WASD or arrow keys to drive Space to fire weapons

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