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Slope Tunnel

Slope Tunnel – The most amazing ball-and-platform game you will ever play! Challenge yourself and see how far you can get in this fast-paced and exciting game. Avoid spikes, pits, falling rocks and so many more obstacles as you race through the tunnel collecting gems along your way. Discover secrets with each new level. This game will test your skills, reaction time, and determination. How far can you get? 

In this game, you will control a ball and your goal will be to pass through the tunnels. The problem is that they are very slippery and it won’t be easy to get there. Try to avoid all obstacles as much as possible, because if you hit them, you will lose energy and you won’t be able to pass the level in that specific tunnel. There are many traps and tunnels that can help you, but you need to be quick! There are also some bonuses that will give you extra points. Can you get the highest score? Let's try it now.


  • Massive platforms In a green tube, avoiding game
  • The increasing speed that can be slowed by collecting the small white dots
  • With each new game, platforms are generated at random.
  • You can only get the ball to jump left or right.

How to play Slope Tunnel

Controls and Use the left and right arrows to make the ball jump left or right.

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