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Shell Shockers

Games with lethal weapon systems have been around since the early days of gaming. Games like Snake, Dig-Dug, Pong, and many others provided users with an experience of interacting with a digital world through the use of a game controller. One controller, one game, and multiple experiences for users of all ages and demographics. With today’s technological advances in web development and gaming engines, it is now possible to create a realistic first-person shooter experience without requiring access to large amounts of money or hardware. There are plenty of internet-accessible 3D virtual environments that allow small groups, even just one person to build their own virtual gun ranges. 

In this battle royale game, you will fight against your opponents to be the last man standing. Or woman for that matter! You can play solo or with friends in seamless multiplayer across mobile, desktop, and consoles. The first-person shooter (FPS) genre has been around since the 1980s, but it’s only recently started to see a huge rise in popularity again thanks to games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Gun games are an essential part of our culture. They not only teach us about history but also give us a chance to relive memorable situations or learn about new things we may not have known before. Gun games are one of the most popular genres in gaming, and there are many great ones on the market. This list is dedicated to some of the best first-person shooters (FPS) video games ever made that involve guns as primary weapons or secondary ones. 

Gun games are one of the most common types of video games that you can find. This is because they are easy to understand and play. In most cases, these types of games target those who like to shoot things, be it for sport or for fun. However, there are some fun games that go beyond your typical shooting game and feature certain themes and plots. 

A Mechanical device, called a “shotgun”, is used as the primary weapon for tacticians who specialize in close combat. It deals large amounts of damage per second and has a low rate of fire. When not held, it serves as a hand-held shield that blocks incoming fire. 

How to play Shell Shockers

Controls Gamepad is now supported! WASD to move Left-click to shoot E to change weapon Q to throw a grenade R to reload Space to jump Shift to zoom and aim

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