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Sheep Sheep!

Game is played on a virtual board with squares. Each player takes it in turn to place a sheep,the digit or digit,in the matching square of their opponent. The first to place their sheep(s) successfully on the playing field,at the end of the turn, prevails. However,a sheep cannot be placed on an unlabeled square and must go in one of the three marked “Go” squares after being placed as indicated by a grid featuring various numbers and letters. Go is compulsory for all players except for one (the cow), who can choose whether or not to play. Only one answer grid may appear on each turn; solving all grids simultaneously forfeits the game. If no player has solved all grids at any given moment

You are a shepherd girl and you have to look after your flock of sheep. You need to get them ready for the lambing season so they can start eating. There are so many different kinds of sheep that it’s hard to know which one is the cutest. Each needs a unique type of care and attention. So, how do you decide which ones are the cutest? 

How to play Sheep Sheep!

Using Mouse

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