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Santa Claus Lay Egg

The most exciting Christmas game for kids and adults! Improve your skills and pass the Christmas test. Get ready for the best Christmas game 

Santa Claus Lay Egg is a fun and easy to play game for all ages. In this game you need to avoid the eggs that Santa Claus is about to drop by flying through hoops with the help of a reindeer. To win the game, you need to clear all levels without getting hit by any eggs at all. Will you be able to complete this challenge? If so, then you’ll definitely be called the “Santa Claus”! How to play The object of this game is to pass through the hoops as fast as possible using only your reindeer. To pass through a hoop simply tap it with your finger and your reindeer will carry you past. Don’t waste your time trying to taps or get creative with powerups such as magic carpets and sacks of snow because in Santa Claus Lay Egg only one thing is important… PASS! Once you understand how to play this refreshingly fun icy arcade game, you’ll love playing it for hours on end. And even if you feel like giving up early on, don’t worry because there are still lives

Are you a good egg? Do you like to help other people? Do you like to give people presents when they are not expecting them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to check out this crazy new game called “Santa Claus Lay Egg”! It’s a physics based game that is perfect for those that love games with challenging objectives and plenty

How to play Santa Claus Lay Egg

Using Mouse

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