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Risky Train Crossing

***Crossing the River on Risksome Rail: Risky Railway is an arcade game that tasks you with crossing a river on a risky railway. The game's concept is simple, but its execution is anything but. It takes place in 19th-century France; the rail network there is legendary for beingrisky going over any kind of water or stream. You must make your way across it while avoiding obstacles like low-lying trains, barges, and even rapids

A cowboy running through a railroad crossing. No horse is needed, it’s just you and the train in this endless racing game of skill. You can speed up or slow down to match your opponents’ speed. And of course there is always the risk of being hit by the train, but with your chum Jumping Power-Up item at your disposal, hopefully you won’t have to worry

You don’t have time for games? That’s okay, because this one is for you! Get ready to take the risk of your life and run across the RisKY TRAIN CROSSING game. How fast can you cross the border? Only a risking life can answer that. Join HyperCASUAL, ENDLESS RUNNER, ARENA and many more as you race through crazy environments 

How to play Risky Train Crossing

Using Mouse

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