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Rabbids Wild Race

New and returning in this week’s update are new races, an enhanced Defend Mode, and a host of bug fixes. Race against the clock as you work your way up the leaderboards in one of ten different global races, set in unique locations around the world. Defend your turf as you fight to be the first player to cross a set distance, or race against other players who have already completed that same distance. Each of these game modes is played over one race length with time-based penalties for getting hit by other players or nodes placed on the map to take away speed. The longer you play, the harder each race becomes and the higher your rank within each mode. 

Join Rabbids in a wild,untraditional race across the track. Race as fast as you can to get the highest score! Guide the little Rabbids through each track in this fast-paced multiplayer game by tapping or swiping your device to go as fast as you can. You’ll need all your speed and agility if you’re up against a group of rabbids that are determined to win at all costs. You’ll need sharp reflexes and good aim if you are going up against a pack of ruthless rabbids with bad intentions. There is no room for error when racing against these speedy and relentless rabbids. Use your wits and strategy to outwit,outrun,and outlast them

Get into the Rabbids Wild race, game and nano racing action, with Rabbids Wild Racing! Run through more than 70 tracks in this crazy racetrack game. The experience starts as you race against time to get to the finish line first. Get ready for some super fast rabbit wheeling fun with your favorite Rabbids.

How to play Rabbids Wild Race

Using Mouse

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