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Puzzle Parking 3D Game

Be the first dude to park his car in a puzzle parking spot. You have 3 trysting minutes so start driving your car,avoiding other cars and solving the parking puzzle. Have Fun!

Your freshly washed, new, shiny sports car is trapped in the garage. You need to find a way out as soon as possible or you’ll be stuck there for the rest of your life! This is the most annoying and frustrating situation you can possibly find yourself in. The last thing you want to do is get out of your car and walk around to look for a solution. That’s where parking puzzlers come in! Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most popular parking games online, so here we have another version that’s even better! Would you like to see if you can outsmart your wayward car by using its unique abilities? If yes, start playing now because this game has never been easier than it is right now. 

Asphalt Pong is a fun, time-killer anyone can play. You simply drive your car through a series of hoops while trying to get a ball into the other side's goal. Simple, right? Well, that’s part of the fun – trying to nail that one perfect bounce and tricking your opponent is part of the game too. Let’s face it: when your car gets stuck in potholes or hits another vehicle at high speed, you are not moving forward. No? Well then, this game isn’t for you! Drive your car with care and plan your bounces accordingly. It takes real skill to avoid obstacles and hit the gas at just the right moment to get around the puddles and into those little gaps between planters. 

How to play Puzzle Parking 3D Game

Using Mouse

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