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Pull the Pin

Are you looking for brain-challenging minigames that may be found all over the internet? You can count on Pull The Pin! You may decompress, pull the pin on this game, and get the balls out if playing toilet games is your thing. Defend them all!

Pull The Pin offers puzzle game aficionados amazingly basic yet complicated gameplay. Some problems are easy enough to get your brain cells moving. Some of them are intricate and complex enough to test you. Simply pull the pin and save the balls in the bucket once the way is clear. But, be aware since bombs are concealed everywhere. If you pull the wrong pin, Boom! It's over.

Start out slowly and simply with one or two pins. The puzzles get harder as you go along, yet they all stay enjoyable until the very end. Pull The Pin, which has an infinite number of levels, is always soothing and mentally taxing. While using the restroom, take on a few tasks to release all your balls!

The following are some of Pull The Pin's features:

Perform difficult tasks
Pull The Pin is no exception to the rule that no puzzle game would be considered to be worthwhile without difficulties. You have plenty of obstacles to overcome in order to save the balls. Defend them all!

Gorgeous skins

Create as many different game variations as you want. During each soothing task, gather awards to trade for different balls, backgrounds, pin types, and even ball trails! You can place our neon tubes, cubes, stars, soccer balls, rulers, and cityscapes on top of a forest, cityscape, beach, or space background. There are several opportunities available to you.

Make money while you're away.
In the idle mode of our pull-the-pin puzzle game, earn coins! Building homes and transforming them into skyscrapers will increase your income with each level.

➔ It's the best way to waste time.
While you pull the pin and save the balls, use the restroom. If you enjoy playing those pull-the-pipe minigames

How to play Pull the Pin

Using Mouse

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