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Prison Rush

You find it strange that the prison is willing to let all their inmates out early. You don't know where they're all supposed to go or what will happen once they get out, but the orders must be coming from high-up. You sigh as you ready your bedroll and personal belongings, eager to head out into the world once again. As soon as you finish and turn around, though, you see a group of correctional officers rush through the cellblock with guns drawn. You freeze in place and slowly lower your hands in a sign of surrender. They take one look at you and decide that you are too dangerous for them to survive. Instead, they brought you here and locked you out of society.

The media is on high alert after the escape of some dangerous prisoners. You must escape from prison as quickly and quietly as possible. You have four hours to pull off the perfect jailbreak. But remember, time is against Prison Rush is an exciting Escape Game for you! As a new warden, your job is to oversee the security at one of America's most notorious prisons. Your first day on the job couldn't be easier- you've already locked down your cell block and broken up a smuggling ring. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Until your two newest inmates take a break.

It is a normal day in Prison. The Warden has left for the day and the guards are relaxing by the bar. Suddenly, the prison alarms begin blaring and the doors automatically lock. Annoyed by this, the guard grabs a key from his pocket and proceeds to unlock all locks manually. Outside of Prison, it is also a normal day. A bus just dropped some new inmates at the correctional facility and now they're on their way to one of the many cells available inside.

Do you want to help solve crimes in the city but not sure where? Maybe you have a friend who is always talking about how they run an escape room at work. Well, now it's time to put that talk into action! Become a Prisoner Escapologist and go on the crime-defying crime-solving adventure of a lifetime! Follow us as we give you all the insider tips, tricks, hints and walkthrough you need in order to become the ultimate prison escape

Welcome to Prison Rush - the latest prison break game from Supercell. In this challenging and immersive new experience, you will be playing the role of a warden who has to run and manage your own

How to play Prison Rush

Using Mouse

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