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Night City Racing

Drive through the city in 3D city car racing game. Race your friend or AI opponent in this challenging and beautiful game. Night City Racing is a unique racing experience, combining realistic car physics with intense stunt driving. The race track is completely built by hand, with only one rule: no two cars can race on the same part of the course at the same time, so you have to take different paths to victory every lap. Your opponents are also AI - no other human can join you for a multiplayer race (yet), but you can play against your friend on the same device, as long as both of you have the game installed. Features: - Simple touch controls to drive through tough street corners like a pro - Drive-through tutorial videos to get started quickly - 13 unique cars with detailed models even from inside - 7 challenging tracks across different cities, each one with its own challenges and fun elements using real-world data combined with stunning 3D graphics Challenge your friends, earn money from winning races and upgrade your car! And if you don't have many friends and/or no cash left to upgrade don't worry! If you love this game and want some more levels and cars, we're working hard on an expansion pack that will unlock all previous levels as well as new ones & more vehicles!

Dark City Racing is an Android game with auto racing elements. The game has different locations like places of New York, Tokyo, and other cities where players have to race against the time to escape from the city before it’s too late. This game requires good reflexes and quick thinking to survive. There are three game modes for you to choose from Story, Time Attack, and Endless Mode. You can unlock these game modes under the “Extras” tab in the main menu. In order to unlock them, you need stars that you earn by finishing in-game challenges and ranking up in each level. The graphics of this game are very realistic and will make you feel like actually being in a city at night driving a car fast enough so that it doesn’t get caught by traffic or any cops on patrol. 

City Racing is all about maintaining momentum. If you lose it, you'll stall out and slip back a few if you keep the pedal to the metal, you'll rocket past other drivers, leaving them in your dust! However, if you see an opportunity to pass someone or something, take it! That's what will get you ahead of everyone else. City racing involves over and back roads that you need to master to be successful. Initially driving in reverse may seem counter-intuitive or dangerous but once mastered becomes second nature. The object of this type of racing is to reach the finish at the end of the road first before anyone else. This is done by taking shortcuts and passing other cars on the road as well as on over and back roads.

The City is a dangerous place. Bloodthirsty creatures stalk its shadowy alleys and ruthless racers battle for supremacy at its twisting race tracks. To survive you need a fast car, accurate strike force, and the cunning to make your opponents cost you as much as possible. In Night City Racing, that means pitting yourself against friends in split-screen races or competing online with other racers from all over the world. 

The night city is the perfect place to play racing games. It’s full of distractions and hazards to keep you on your toes. And it’s also the best place for racing game enthusiasts. So grab your race car and join us. 

How to play Night City Racing

Using Mouse

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