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Nick Jr - Christmas Catch

Are you ready for the cutest Christmas video ever? Because you need to see this. You need to see it right now, because your child will probably ask you to re-watch it again and again until the day they die. Just like they’ll ask Santa for a Zac Efron doll and a gluten-free waffle cone every year, but they won’t get either of those things until they see this video. Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but pretty much anything that comes after this will be history in their books too. This is what childhood used to look like before Instagram came along and made all the nostalgia posts about how much cooler your friend’s baby cousin’s nephew is than yours by This is why we make videos — so our kids know how it was generations ago instead of how stuff has gotten even better 

Are you ready for the best holiday game ever? Santa’s an obstacle course. Unlike traditional challenges, this one’s all about speed and reactions. You’ll need to clear obstacles as fast as you can in as few taps as possible – every second counts! Christmas Catch is one of the most addictive mobile games of all time, so we’re not here to tell you otherwise. It’s just that this year, it has a whole new meaning: get your holiday groove on with a brand new set of festive

Disney, Christmas time, is the perfect time for re-watching some of your favorite Christmas movies. These are movies that you'll watch over and over again and never get tired of! So, here's a list of my favorite Disney Christmas movies you should check out this year. In no particular

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Using Mouse

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