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Monster School is a brand new multiplayer sandbox Minecraft adventure game by Ketchapp. Players take on the role of a kid who has just enrolled at Monster High School for the first time, and he can’t wait to explore his new home. However, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that something strange is going on in the school… There are frequent sounds of screaming coming from the corridor outside his room. And then there’s that odd smell… It seems that someone or something has gone missing in the school! To help him navigate through all these new challenges, he gains access to a wide array of different tools and resources throughout the building. From ladders and hooks to paintbrushes and glue guns, every room at Monster School has its fair share of useful materials. But not everything is as it Some rooms may seem like they should contain resources and tools, but instead they’re filled with traps designed to catch intruders! This means that some items may only be available if you break into another part of the building! Luckily monster - brownie points if you know how to solve This sandbox game offers tons of replay value thanks to its hidden secrets, hidden boss fights and hidden treasure hunts. You can also unlock special characters along your journey such as Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein from Monster High who each have their own unique abilities. If you enjoy playing sandbox games with friends them we recommend getting together with up to 6

Kids love to play Minecraft and most of them will do anything to get their hands on the game. This includes hiding a copy of the game in secret locations for their friends to find. The best way to hide it is probably not by burying it in the ground, but instead use another game as camouflage – Monster School! Kids can disguise it as a chicken, pig or even a zombie and it’ll look completely natural. You can use MC at any time, so why not challenge your friends tonight? These challenges are going to be EPIC! Minecraft Monster School Escapes for Kids is an educational game for kids where you’ll have to complete different missions with your MC characters. In this series of challenges you’ll need to train your characters so that they become skilled monster slayers. Each mission has its own map and there are 10 missions altogether. Your main objective is to lead your character safely through each level while defeating all of the enemies that you come across. Try exploring all of the hidden corners and crevices before setting off on your mission again – if you’re lucky, then you might find more hidden games

Monster School Challenges is a free educational game for kids. It will keep your kid busy for hours. In this cool game you have to help little pig build his own school and make friends so that he can go to school every day! The monsters are coming to attack your little pig. They want to take over the whole farm and turn it into their playground. Can you help the little pig build defenses against them? Build towers, walls, traps and more to keep the monsters out! You can pick from 7 different layouts to play with. Also features multiplayer mode where 2 players can face off against each other! Let's see if your child has what it takes to become a Monster School

Do you love Minecraft? Then this is a game for you! Monster School Challenges is a game where you play as a farmer who goes to school, and the monsters try to destroy it. You can build constructions, trap doors, lockers, desks and many more things to defend your school from the attacking monsters. Place turrets around the school so that no-one sneaks in during the night; but watch out for other people who may have similar plans for their own schools! Build different rooms for the different subjects so that the kids get interested in them. If only all schools were as enticing as Monster School Challenges! Have fun! END GAME HINTS

There is a new evil lurking in the woods. It’s been a month since the last time we saw it. And this time… We are not that lucky. The new monster is back with an even meaner plan. This time, they don’t want just to scare anyone away but to destroy everything that is good in this world. Will you be able to stop them before they succeed? To find out, join our Minecraft Monster School! Try different boarding games on your own or with your friends! Play together, compete and have

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