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Kill The Monster

A mysterious virus has broken out in Adventure World, and it’s up to you to find the cause of this and put a stop to it! Kill the Monster is an innovative maze game where your objective is to lead the little green monster out of a series of maze-like rooms. The catch? In order for you to do so, you must work together with your own little green monster buddy. Together, your two minds are stronger than they would be apart. But be careful… if you fail, that means the end for both of you! Kill The Monster has 80 mind-bending stages and over 150 unique puzzles and mini games. Explore every square inch of this vast virtual world and assist your friend in reaching safety at the other end while solving challenging riddles along the way. You'll also meet new characters along the way - all in an effort to make things a little better.

Are you ready for the most intense breakout game ever? The Monster Hunter: Battle Royale is coming! In this epic action and adventure game, a boy named John was chosen to be the hunter in order to kill the monsters that have been attacking humanity. As the hunter he needs to equip himself with special weapons and fight against hordes of evil creatures while collecting useful items. In this battle royale style platform game, you need to dodge and attack your enemies while running to safety. If you are as good as them, maybe one day you can become a great hunter like John. This game is only for fearless players who dare to challenge others and try to be the best in any situation. To help you excel in this challenging game, we have listed some helpful tips.

The Monster Escape is a wonderful new adventure for young puzzle lovers. The object of the game is to kill your good-looking neighbor and move into her house. Sounds easy? Well, you will find out that it’s not as simple as you might think! The Monster Escape is a brand new way to play breakout games! Breakout games are challenging, fast-paced and addictive. Your instinct as a gamer will help you figure out what kind of cell needs to be destroyed next in order to complete your mission. There are different kinds of cells that come with unique features like Walls, Bridges or Cannons. You will have to use your wits and the right strategy to finish each level. If you can’t figure something out, our friendly little monster will give you some helpful

Are you a fan of killer games? Kill The Monster is the most addictive breakout game available now! You can play as a cute boy or monster and destroy the other colors by hitting them with balls. You will have to train your brain and hand coordination to control the ball. This is an amazing skill game which challenges your logical thinking and reaction time. HOW TO PLAY: -Bump the colored balls to kill them. -Aim well so that you don’t hit anything else than the colored balls. -Get three in a color to unlock the next level. FEATURES: - Simple One touch gameplay! - Awesome Graphics! - 10 Different Levels! - Unlock new characters, obstacles 

In the world, there are many different kinds of creatures. Some serve humanity, others hunt it. Some are helpful, others dangerous. Some can be tamed and trained as working animals; others must be killed before they become a threat to society. There are even those who can think like a human and live among them in until something triggers an urge to hunt, kill - voraciousness for blood - and eat people. If a monster smells blood, it will follow the source of the smell until it finds a victim or victims. And once that is when they become monsters.

How to play Kill The Monster

Using Mouse

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