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Kick the Dahmer

I know its been a long time since I’ve played a game. But in my defense, its been a while. You see, as you might imagine, my job doesn’t exactly leave me with the most conducive playing conditions. To make matters worse, I’m stuck in an apartment with no proper games room at all. So when the offer came from my company to train for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, of course I said YES! I mean how can I decline? Well that being said… This is one of those scenarios where it actually worked out in our favor. Because on Black Friday,I GOT PAID TO PLAY GAMES! Arrgggghhhh why can’t this be Normal??? It literally just occurred to me as soon as the opportunity popped up that this was probably the opportunity of a lifetime. For that matter though… What are the odds of getting paid to play video games on Black Friday? Besides… How far would you go to get revenge on these guys who terrorized you for years? I mean cmon man where were you at when this all went down? Do you even REMEMBER it? You probably blocked it out because any memories of that incident are filled with pain and fear and psychological damage. They aren’t pleasant things but they can be dealt with if you really want to go through with it. So what better way to get your revenge than by playing some old fashioned fun and challenging games

You’re a normal dog looking for your owner, who just happens to be a serial killer. You don’t know him well enough to call him by his name, “Dahmer”—and you never should have gotten close in the first place. But now he’s heading for the Institute of Justice and will someday be executed for his crimes. Can you help track him down before he leaves prison forever? “Kick The Dahmer game” is an action-packed hidden object game packed with unexpected twists and turns. When you think of whack jobs, usually the term conjures images of repulsive balding men with spears and knives, not fluffy white animals with fangs. In this case, Hale Irwin is the one with spiked teeth and claws instead of a baseball bat. As a former police officer turned private investigator named Abe Wickens, it’s your job to track him down before he strikes again. Explore several different scenarios—including kidnapping; a serial murder spree; and even pheasant hunting—to discover what lies at the heart of this disturbing criminal mind:

A few years ago, the consumption of human flesh by a serial killer turned cannibal was all the rage. The suspect in one of the most notorious serial murders of all time has never been brought to justice, but his acts of savage brutality have been chronicled in gruesome detail on cable television shows and in books. His nom de guerre? Jeffrey Dahmer. Today, the name Dahmer is synonymous with cannibalism. But what was his reality like? 

How to play Kick the Dahmer

Instruction PC controls: Use mouse click to play Mobile and Tablet controls: Touch the screen to play

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