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House of Hazards

In the entertaining multiplayer game House of Hazards, each player must perform assignments while avoiding dangers all throughout the house. How far are you willing to go before one of your friends slips up?

Gameplay for House of Hazards
The mansion is loaded with peril.
You shouldn't count on being secure and safe here. You will be attacked by sneaky lighting fixtures, spray nozzles, and toast slices. The inhabitants of the House of Hazards live in this reality every day; it is not a dream. Test your limits and discover what you can accomplish today.

Try to live a safe and healthy life every day.
The end goal is to get out of this house. You'll have to finish a variety of activities, such making coffee, checking the mailbox, and watering the flowers. Before you can finish your tasks, the other residents of the house will be waiting and watching you fall for their traps.

Set traps for your apartment neighbors.
There are many things you can do to make your housemates' lives unpleasant if you're assigned to lay traps. You can move them and imprison them in a chest as well as shoot hoses, toasts, and lasers at them.

How to play House of Hazards

Using Mouse

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