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Horizon, there you have access to everything you need – food, water, education, and healthcare – but only for a limited time. When the plague ends and it’s safe to re-emerge above ground again, everyone will have to leave these subterranean tunnels and return back home. Prepare yourself and get ready for an adventurous race through dark underground tunnels and mines filled with obstacles, chasms, narrow passages, and shafts in this 3D tunnel racer.

This one is a Sci-fi inspired endless runner. You control a spacecraft and have to fly it through a series of tunnels. While doing so, you will have to avoid pits, debris, and other obstacles that could cause your ship to explode. The game has multiple characters to choose from and has responsive controls, which makes playing the game much easier. 

Horizon is a type of solitaire game that involves laying cards one at a time to create horizontal or vertical stacks called runs. The goal is to build up to four complete stacks in total with none of the stacks containing more than four cards. is a fast-paced, first-person survival game. Play as a lab worker who must escape an underground research facility after it has been struck by a disaster. The game combines elements of action, stealth, and puzzle-solving. 

In this game, you play as a pilot of an advanced aircraft. Your goal is to conquer the dangerous tunnels beneath the surface of the Earth, combining speed and skill to avoid falling off the edge of hitting any obstacles. If you like fast-paced games that test your reaction time, you’ll love Horizon.


How to play Horizon

Using Mouse

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