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Highway Racer

Highway Racer games. You will compete against other drivers in deadly races on high-speed highways, avoiding traffic and trying to overtake your opponents as much as possible. You can upgrade your car and buy a new one after winning each race, making the gameplay dynamic and interesting. There are several different racetracks, so you won’t get bored quickly, giving you hours of fun! If you like racing games and want to compete with other players online, then this game is for

Welcome to This amazing game, the fastest 3D car racing game ever! Your mission is to drive your car as fast as possible through city streets, highways and backyards. You must avoid crashing into cars and trucks while keeping your speed at peak performance. Throughout each level you must find hidden areas with special tokens to earn upgrades like faster acceleration, reinforced chassis and better brakes. These upgrades will help you get even further in the game. Stay on the road and don’t crash. If you love racing games with fast cars, driving missions and tricky challenges this game is perfect for

Welcome to This game ! We have exciting news for you: You will be competing on the highways now. Your goal is to drive as fast as possible, avoid collisions with other cars, trucks and other traffic. In order to unlock new tracks and car skins, you need stars. You can get up to 5 stars per race by finishing first, finishing second or third and collecting bonus points. Don’t hit any obstacles or you’ll lose a life. Use your arrows or WASD to drive and space bar orENDto break. Get ready for the ultimate challenge! Good luck and have

This game is a multiplayer 3D car racing game. You can compete with other players from all around the world or participate in single player challenges to earn coins and upgrade your cars. There are various types of race and you can also play in split-screen mode with friends or family members, or with computer-controlled

Highway Racer is a fast-paced multiplayer game pitting you as a driver against other drivers on the same road. The game has three main game modes: single player campaign, local multiplayer and online multiplayer. Each one of them has different objectives, rewards and difficulty

How to play Highway Racer

Controls W or up arrow to accelerate AD or left/right arrow to steer the car Space to use handbrake

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