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Gold Tower Defense

The Tower Defense genre is one of the most popular and well-known genres in video gaming. The concept is simple; you place towers strategically around your city to repel invading monsters. You can place towers in an open field, but the AI will always try to breach your defenses from the front. You can also place towers in populated areas, decreasing the difficulty level, but the result is the same: the monsters are free to rampage through your city like plundering Vikings. In Tower Defense games, you must plan ahead both strategically and tactically. You must consider where and how best to place your defenses so that they repel incoming monsters without disrupting the flow of gameplay or creating dead spots where enemies can easily reach your base. Here are some tips that will help you master this popular Tower Defense

Build a tower defense game to save the world. Your objective is to protect the green area by placing the correct towers in the right order at the right time. Make sure not to let your enemies place their towers in your area and you will be invincible! Good luck, you’ve started your Tower Defense career! Controls: Arcade - See how well you can control Tower Defense games with this simple arcade view. Drag and drop towers as many times as you want until they're destroyed or until someone else built their tower higher than yours. The higher your tower, the better chance of surviving against other players or defensive buildings. And of course, don’t forget that each building has its own limited ability so it’s up to you to choose which one will help you stand out

In the future, mankind has developed Tower Defense games to train itself for future catastrophes. It’s called “Sidewalk Siege” and it’s a real-time strategy game where you defend an area from creatures known assidewalkers by building towers to repel them. Each game session lasts for 15 minutes with no rest periods. You can either play solo or team up with up to 3 other players in any mode that supports 1P or 2P matches. The only restriction is that you cannot play against the computer or friends’ characters. 

How to play Gold Tower Defense

Using Mouse

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