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Giant Snowball Rush - Fun & Run 3D Game

Let the giant snowball war begin! The last lines of defense have been smashed, the warding sigils have been broken, and the monsters are coming out to play. Join forces with friends online or join a solo race against the clock to collect as much snow as you can. You need to hit 3 targets in order to win the game. Make them hits or make them misses – it’s your choice! Don’t let that giant monster get the best of you. Giant Snowball Rush is an addictive fun game where you score points by shooting falling snowballs at other players or obstacles. If you’re feeling lucky, try to hit ‘em with a whole bunch of snowballs at once. Sounds simple right? Well in this version, there are more obstacles which makes it harder and tracked more carefully so that you don’t hit any obstacles randomly. Once you start playing it becomes instinctive and almost impossible not to hit those targets! Get ready for some crazy

Snowball Rush Fun Run 3d is a fun and easy-to-play game which you can play with your kids or other family members. You need to help the little snowman by throwing snowballs at the bad guys. The harder he throws, the higher he will go in the snow. It won’t be easy, though. There are a lot of bad guys who want to throw snowballs of their own at the little guy. If they get hold of him first, they can throw even more snowballs than before and make him disappear forever! Use skill and speed to help the little snowman survive, but watch out for more than just one ball! Have fun with this awesome frozen Snowball Rush Fun Run 3d

It’s snowball time! You and your friends are in charge of a team of kids who have to get a ball rolling down the hill and into the waiting arms of their snow angels. The rest of the kids have to keep pushing snowballs at you until you run out or they do. If you’re playing with other people, try to get them to push snowballs at other teams until they run out or they do. It’ll be more fun 

How to play Giant Snowball Rush - Fun & Run 3D Game

Using Mouse

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