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Mario Galaxy is the best Mario game ever made. It’s the perfect marriage of gameplay and atmosphere, a Wii U gem that no one should be missed out on. You see, this game isn’t just about running, jumping and shooting fireballs atMario. At its core, it’s an adventure game in the vein of Legend of Zelda or even Super Mario Bros., filled with collectibles, power-ups and challenges that keep you coming back for more. As Mario, you can run, jump and shoot fireballs at your own pace — but what if you could control another character while you ran, jumped and fired? Well, here’s your chance! Take control of Wario as he races through levels controlled by Mario. Use his abilities to your advantage as he races through these levels in a race to the finish.

Bayou City is known throughout the world as the city where children of all ages can have their imaginations taken away for a few hours a day. But hidden in the heart of this serene city lies a dark and evil force that comes to life when the sun goes down. The Bayou,a nickname for New Orleans that has been in use by local residents since before European settlers arrived, is home to a vast array of wildlife. It’s also where millions of years of natural history meet man-made culture. In this dark and dangerous place, children are kidnapped by creatures from hell and turned into monsters. Only those with special powers like Ninja or Superheroes can free them and bring peace to the bayou once more. If you dare…

This is my personal blog, where I share my thoughts on a variety of different things. Mostly games and stuff related to gaming. If you’ve made it this far, then I bet you’re interested in reading about me and my experiences with video games. 

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using mouse

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