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Garfield Rush

Boys will be boys and little ones will be little ones. Boys love action, adventure, cars, racing, danger, and anything that involves burning rubber and leaving black marks on the road. They also adore shooting aliens, catching bad guys, and blowing things up. Little kids love baby animals, cuddling soft toys and talking animals that are not going to eat them for breakfast. This combination is a novelty but not a new concept. Armed with these insights we went ahead and created Garfield Rush – an arcade-style game where you drive around avoiding obstacles in the form of trees while picking up baby animals as you go along. Sounds easy right? WRONG! Why? because the roads are full of mad drivers who don’t slow down when they see an animal standing on the side of the road.

This game is the best game for boys and girls who love the cartoon, Garfield. The main character of this game is Garfield who is a fat orange cat. His best friend in this game is also a cat. This game is about how these two friends help each other when they are in danger. This game will test your reflexes to see if you can avoid hazards, or just see how far you can get into the world of Garfield Rush –Drift Adventure before dying! If you are ready for an epic challenge, put on your helmet and buckle up.

It is back in a new adventure game. This time she will have to face various challenges and help her friend, Garfield the cat. Help Baby Hazel and Garfield to escape from their house by picking up various useful objects on your way. Avoid obstacles, break walls and explore hidden rooms to get out as soon as possible! Look out for useful hints in order not to get stuck in some places.

The rise of the mobile game market has seen many studios release games that are specifically designed to target either kids or teenagers. This has also led to an increase in the number of kid-friendly game.

How to play Garfield Rush

Using Mouse

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