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Fun Tunnel

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging game for your little one, you should check out the tunnel game. Fun Tunnel game helps promote hand-eye coordination and many different skills. It will help you entertain after working hard.  Fun Tunnel game is the same as the Tunnel rush but different in color. It will bring you a new experience. Here are some features of this game and how to play it:

Your task is to move left or right by using the arrow keys to avoid the obstacles in front of you. The more obstacles you overcome, the more points you get. As you race through a tunnel that is randomly formed, collect various orbs. Can you collect as many orbs as possible? Good luck and have a good time!

- beautiful graphics, many colors
- simple gameplay easy to understand
- engaging game with many skills
The game will help you practice agility and careful observation. Requires flexibility when playing. If you love challenges then this game is for you.


How to play Fun Tunnel

It is played with the arrow keys.

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