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Forward Assault Remix

Forward Assault is an online first person shooter where you play as a member of the red team or the blue team. The objective is to eliminate the other team and capture their base to win. You will also be able to upgrade your character as you level up and unlock new weapons, gear, and abilities. Forward Assault was developed by PixelEND Studios in 2018 and is available to play on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers with HTML5

Forward Assault is a multiplayer shooter game with a modern, military theme. It’s easy to get started and the gameplay is not overly complex, so you can enjoy it with your friends or family members who aren’t typically gamers. Forward Assault has everything you need to shoot at online opponents from the comfort of your own computer. Read on to find out

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How to play Forward Assault Remix

Controls WASD to move Mouse scroll to switch weapons Space bar to jump Q to throw weapons E to pick up weapons R to reload B to enter buy menu or hold B to plant/defuse the bomb G to throw grenades F to switch grenades T to chat Shift to crouch LMB to shoot P to enter the pause menu Tab to show statistics

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