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EG Contrast

Welcome to the exciting world of EG Contrast, an original and fun arcade game with a twist. As an adventurer in search of hidden treasures, you must explore the labyrinths full of dangerous traps and but beware! There are also strange beasts lurking in the shadows that want to make sure you won’t get out of there alive! In this perilous maze, you must think wisely before taking each step, find secrets hidden in different locations, or avoid enemies. Advance through multiple levels to discover new challenges and enemies. Each stage is unique and requires a different strategy to succeed. Play with friends and discover even more secrets.

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Let’s see how many levels of this magical and dangerous dungeon you can reach! You are a brave adventurer who found an entrance to an underground world. This place is filled with hungry monsters who just can’t get enough of fresh adventurers. But you won’t make it so easy for them, right? Now it’s time to prove your courage and reflexes. Run through this dark and scary dungeon as fast as you can and collect as many cheesecakes as you can find. If you run out of stamina before finding the exit, don’t worry because there are blue mushrooms that will boost your stats. Good luck!


How to play EG Contrast

Using Mouse

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