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Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters novices tutorial

New to Drift Hunters? After that our novices tutorial is just for you! We go through deciding on as well as establishing your vehicle, track option and standard wandering techniques.

Desire to ace Drift Hunters and also ranking with the very best gamers around? You need to inspect out our sophisticated Drift Hunters guide.

How to Drift in this game

Jump into your car seat and start drifting as you race your way to glory.

Throw your car aside at the arcade-style local track. in which you control the car with your mouse and try to glide through the corners for maximum speed and bonuses.

Find out how long you can hold the float! The more you float, the more your focus multiplier increases. Some songs offer a much simpler chance for you to stay afloat than others.

Skateboarding is definitely the most fun you'll have while behind the wheel of a car for your money. If you put in the effort, you will be surprised at what can be achieved.

About the race track

The best runs for floating in Float Trackers 2 are Emashi and Timberland due to the long turns and the absence of such a large number of sharp turns.

The woodland racetrack has the longest corners for the slowest drifts. Driving games really form habits when they're great.

How to play Drift Hunters

using mouse or arrow keys:

  • UP: Gas
  • DOWN: Brake
  • LEFT: Steer left
  • RIGHT: Steer right
  • SPACEBAR: Hand brake
  • C: Change camera
  • LEFT SHIFT: Shift up gear
  • LEFT CTRL: Shift down gear


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