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Donut Stack

Let’s cut the chase and get straight to business! We know how much you love brain teasers and puzzles, that is why we bring you another one. This time it is a 3D game that will test your reaction time and keep you on your toes. Your goal is simple: save as many donuts as possible from falling over the edge, but be it’s not as easy as it sounds. Avoid those donuts at all cost! If they fall, you lose! Sounds simple… But trust us; It won’t be that easy. Do you have what it takes? Then get ready to spend your mind experimenting with the new

Welcome to the Donut Stack - a challenging and addictive 3D brain-teaser with colorful donuts! Your goal is to help funny little monsters eat donuts without getting caught by the scary guard. Sounds easy? Give it a try and you will see how difficult it is! To complete the level, you need to find hidden paths and use items such as magnets, ladders or tricycles. Be smart, think fast, and keep track of all possible moves. Let’s see if you can beat this challenging

Donut Avoid is a brain-challenging game for kids and adults. This is not just another avoid game; in this one you need to stack donuts to bring down everyone else’s tower. It sounds simple, but as the game progresses it gets harder and harder. There are three awesome modes: Normal, Harder and Nightmare. The more difficult the mode, the more points you can

Donut Avoid is a fun, unique take on the classic avoid game. You play as a donut and must avoid getting touched by any of the other falling donuts. This game has you constantly moving and thinking fast to escape danger while also strategizing how to beat your previous high scores.It's challenging but addictive, give it a go

How to play Donut Stack

Using Mouse

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