Crazy Steve is a game that you will love. It’s a block breaking game like minecraft, but instead of breaking blocks, we are breaking animals. Crazy Steve doesn’t care about the animals he breaks, he just wants them for his collection. He has so many different animals to break and after each break, he becomes crazier and crazier. If you want to see how crazy steve gets when he is breaking various animals, then play this game. The objective of this game is simple. You have to help Crazy Steve break as many animal as you can within 30 seconds by tapping on the animal in the right time and place. You have to be very careful while playing as some of the animals may be too difficult 

Crazy Steve is a new type of M.C game. Your objective in this game is to help Crazy Steve survive the crazy world which consists of various traps, enemies and puzzles. There are many stages and each stage has its own story. You have to complete all the stages in one go or you will fail the mission.

CrazySteveio is a fun block game with many different aspects to it, from Minecraft action games, to online multiplayer shooter games. Customized skins for your blocks and weapons as well as a variety of maps are just some of the many things that make CrazySteveio so unique.

How to play

Using Mouse



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