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Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift is a multiplayer 3D drifting game with stunt tracks. Drive crazy cool cars, compete with your friends or challenge driving enthusiasts from all over the world! Let's get ready to drift and drive like maniacs! CRAZY DRIFT is a fast-paced and exciting car drifting game inspired by real drifting competitions. You will race against AI in virtual cities filled with challenging tracks, traps, and shortcuts. Unlock new characters and locations by beating the challenges of each location. The game features multiplayer mode so you can challenge your friends online and compare who’s the best drifter! How to play: > Tilt left/right to turn > Touch gas to accelerate > Double tap gas to manual > Avoid crashing into walls or other

Welcome to crazy drifting! You can race with friends, drive a car and do stunts in this 3D online multiplayer driving game. Share your love for cars, compete on tracks and drive fast to unlock new levels, cars and characters! This amazing game is an exciting racing game that’ll leave you wondering what’s coming next. There are loads of locations, cars, drivers and upgrades waiting for you. Each track is packed with challenging turns, hills and curves where you need to maintain speed while navigating the obstacles and sharp bends. Play with your friends or other players from all around the world! Are you ready? 

Have you ever dreamed of being a professional racer? Now is your chance to prove it! This amazing game is an online multiplayer drifting game, where players can compete and challenge their friends to see who’s the best driver. This game is a 3D online multiplayer driving game with stunt elements that can be played with friends or random people online. You will race against other drivers in challenging tracks and try to beat them by drifting around corners and performing jaw dropping stunts. Sounds exciting? 

Crazy Drift is a fast-paced multiplayer driving game inspired by arcade and old school racing games. You can compete with up to 6 of your friends at the same time and drive through challenging tracks in different locations, such as a warehouse or an abandoned circus. The objective of the game is to finish each track as fast as possible while collecting as many coins as you can. Each player controls a car from a first-person perspective and must skim corners to keep up the speed and accumulate points.

This game is a multiplayer 3D car drifting game inspired by popular racing games like Need for Speed and Underground. You can drive a variety of different cars and experiment with drift styles to beat your opponents. This game was built using the WebGL framework and can be played in most browsers without any special plugins. Please note that this game doesn't work well on mobile at this time due to performance issues, but we hope to fix that.

How to play Crazy Drift

Controls WASD / arrow keys = drive Space = handbrake F = NOS G = Slow-motion L / K = headlights Q / E / Z = indicators H = horn C = change camera view B = look back Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually

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