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Colorful Shape Tunnel

Color shape tunnel game is a casual game that consists of a series of shape-based challenges. The player must traverse the tunnel while avoiding the shapes that come at them at high speeds. In this article we’ll learn how to make a shape tunnel game in 9 steps. There are many free online games that focus on the concept of tunnels, such as the popular Flappy Bird among many others. Color shape tunnels are just a simple variation of these games and are an excellent way to introduce basic game design principles and test your skills.

Color Shape Tunnel is a creative new game that challenges players to match colored shapes. You can play this game on your phone or tablet. It’s a new take on the classic match 3 game. Instead of matching three shapes like in other puzzle games, you need to match colored shapes to make them disappear. The game will introduce you to different shapes and their properties such as sharpness, hardness, and thickness. Matching similar colored shapes will make them disappear. Don’t let them escape and keep matching them to clear the shape.

Skilled players know that the key to winning any game is to outsmart your opponent. In Color Shape Tunnel, you’ll have to think fast and strategically to succeed. You’ll have to think about the best move for you to earn points, and have to anticipate what your opponent will do next to plan your next move. With Color Shape Tunnel, you’ll have to outsmart your opponent to succeed. You’ll have to think fast and strategically to succeed. With a minimalist design and casual gameplay, it’ll be hard not to discover new and hidden paths while playing. What are you waiting for? 

Do you enjoy playing arcade games? Great, there's an unending trail ahead of you with shape-shifting obstacles that you must overcome with the shape-shifting player. Let's get started!

How to play Colorful Shape Tunnel

Using Mouse

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