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Castle Keeper

CastLEKDER is a defense-oriented game with RPG elements. Your goal is to defend your castle from attackers by casting magic spells. You gain new abilities as you complete quests and build new spell libraries. The more levels you have, the stronger your attacks, defenses and magic will be. CastLEKDER is easy to play and hard to master, challenging even the most accomplished spellcaster. ✔ FREE GAME ✖ CastLEKDER is an arcade time killer where you guide a character called Kestrel through exciting stages full of danger, castles to protect and monsters to defeat. Eliminate all the obstacles in your way by casting various spells that deal damage or slow down the enemies so they can be easily defeated. Are you ready to take on the role of Kestrel? Good luck! 

This is a castle defense game. In this game,you will assume the role of the Castle Keeper. You must protect your castle from monsters by placing strong defenses around it. Buildings with adjacent rooms will come under your protection if you place them next to one another. The more rooms you have,the stronger your defenses will be. Try not to let any monster get in, for your own sake as well as for the sake of those who have yet to build their own castles! This is a free game that you can play with your friends or just by yourself. There are no timers or upgrades to buy in this game

Castle Keeper is an idle game where you must fight to the top in order to save your kingdom. Your destiny is to protect the castle as a keeper against all enemies, both human and supernatural. Build magical towers and fortresses, recruit soldiers, knights and witches to help you on your journey to become the king or the loser. 

How to play Castle Keeper

Key Features - Beautiful 3D graphics - Make your character stronger and defeat big armies - Defend your castle from hordes of various enemies - 100% free game - Fun and addictive gameplay - Easy to learn controls - For kids and adults - Game for girls and boys Instruction The main goal of the game is to protect the castle. To be stronger than the invaders, you need to upgrade your character. After passing all the waves, your hero will be sent to defend the other castle, where you will learn new skills and become even stronger.

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