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Bullet Rush

Bullet Rush is a fast-paced, arcade game that makes you feel like your on the edge of your seat. The exciting gameplay will have you hooked from start to finish. In this game, you play as the Bullet, a small capsule-shaped character who must punch his way through an endless stream of Hexagonal Blocks. You do this by shooting yourself out of other hexagons with your Bullet Gun. You can only shoot forwards so don’t get yourself trapped, use walls and corners to help you avoid getting crushed. You can also jump from one block to another using the platforms and ramps that have been strategically placed along the level’s pathways and

This one is a simple arcade game with single player and multiplayer mode. You play as the Bullet, who has to dodge all the shooting bullets by moving around. The game gets harder as new types of enemies appear and new levels get unlocked. In multiplayer mode you can play with your friends and aim for the top score together! You can also compete against other players to see who shoots the most bullet in their

This amazing game is a fast paced, arcadey, physics-based bullet hell game. The objective of the game is to shoot as many enemies as possible while simultaneously dodging incoming fire. Score points by destroying your enemies and power-ups that appear throughout levels. Stay alert as you play This amazing game as every level gets faster and

How to play Bullet Rush

Using Mouse

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