You can play the online physics with up to eight other players. Pushing your opponents into dangerous objects will help you win (or off the map). An alternative is to watch players harm themselves. Wins are awarded to those who remain standing.

The Fundamentals of
You may play right away using the quick play options. Move with the arrow keys and make it more difficult to propel your circler by pressing the X key. The main objective is to eliminate your rivals from the map or to inflict enough damage on them to cause them to explode.

In addition to using your jumps to smash foes, you may move while holding the X key to make items and platforms move. You will get used to it as you play.

Every level has a unique challenge, so you must stay vigilant and react quickly.

Create your own character (circle) and engage in combat with up to three other players on any of the hundreds of player-created maps. The level editor in allows you to create your own maps.

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Fast-paced and addictive multiplayer games
several game settings for different challenges
Since 2016, a thriving online community
Create your own unique maps and share them with others.

How to play

Using Mouse



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