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Block Stacking 3D Game

The game will have a high degree of difficulty and require you to use your logic and strategic thinking skills. You don’t want to make any mistakes on the way down as you will lose all the virtual coins that you have accumulated. It is very important for you not to let any of your pieces get stuck in the level because if they do, you will lose all your virtual coins and the game will end. You can only remove or stack matching pieces once a matching row or column has been found. The more levels you complete the higher your score will be. The player with the most virtual coins at the end of the game wins. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, depending on how much skill and concentration you have, it may just be too challening! Stacking 3d Game, game, cute, hypercasual, boys, puzzle, kids.

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Stacking is a popular 3d game. Let’s have a look at the main rules of this simple yet challenging

How to play Block Stacking 3D Game

Using Mouse

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