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Bazooka Boy Adventure

Bubble Shooter is a fun shooting game for kids and teens. The objective of this game is to remove bubbles from the playing field without hitting them yourself. You’ll have to use different strategies to pass each level with as few bubbles as possible! Shoot bubbles through tight spaces, shoot them at moving targets, or shoot them into the 3 special cups that are located on each level. Let nothing get in your way as you take on levels around the world in Bubble

Bubble shooter is the latest game from Playfire Studios and this time they have teamed up with H5! You have to guide a slingshot-toting bubble boy through 6 unique worlds collecting gold, defeating evil oil men, and of course, shooting stuff with an extra special power. Use your imagination and find as many ways as possible to wow your friends with this Bubble Shooter inspired by classic arcade games such as Pop Gun, Galaxian

How to play Bazooka Boy Adventure

Using Mouse

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