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Ball in Cup

Ball in Cup is a fast-paced, physics-based arcade game that requires quick reflexes and precise timing. The goal of the game is to roll the ball into a cup by shooting it at it in different ways. Simple enough? But there’s a catch: the ball can be difficult to control! You need to master your trajectory, angle and power. Experience some of the most addictive Ball In Cup gameplay at its

In this game, you have to roll the ball into the cup by swiping your finger in a curve. You have to match at least three balls of the same color in a row or column to eliminate them and score points. The more balls you can eliminate at once, the higher score you will get. Do you think you can complete all levels? 

This is a simple yet classic ball-bouncing and ball-rolling game. You have to roll the ball into the cup with the help of paddle. The catch is that you have only limited time to do it. Try and see how high can you score? Features: - Simple controls - Practice mode for hardcore players! 

How to play Ball in Cup

Using Mouse

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