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Astro Rush

Astro Rush is a fun, casual, arcade game. It's simple to play but challenging to master. The concept is similar to Asteroids: You control a little spaceship which you must avoid colliding with asteroids, comets, and meteors. There are 3 different difficulties: Beginner, Advanced and Expert. At Beginner the speed of the asteroids, comets, and meteors will increase very fast progressively getting harder as you progress through the levels. On Advanced the speed increases more slowly and there are fewer asteroids on each level. On Expert, it's even more difficult than on Advanced because there are fewer obstacles than in the Advanced version of the game. This one has nice background music and atmospheric sounds that give it an arcade feel while playing it at home on a computer or tablet device. Its controls are not complicated; they're very easy to learn quickly which makes this game suitable for gamers of all ages who don't like games with complicated controls or graphics settings that take time to master before they can become good at this game.

This amazing game is a 3D arcade game with avoidance mechanics. A must-play game if you like challenging space games. The idea is to dodge the asteroids and other obstacles so that you can reach the end of the level before the time runs out. Keep an eye on your oxygen supply as well. You have only a limited amount of it, so plan your movements wisely. This amazing game features:

  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Challenging levels with different layouts and designs
  • Increasing difficulty level for advanced players
  • Leaderboards to compete against users from all over the world

Take control of two meteorites while you rush through a trippy galaxy. Rotate the meteorites through the obstacles. If you fail once, you will have one meteorite left and switch from rotating to dodging controls. You can play in normal mode or in three different wireframe modes. Release Date September 2020 (Android and iOS) April 2021 (WebGL) Developer Aron Sommer developed this game. If you like this kind of game, you should also check Supergun, from the same developer.

How to play Astro Rush

With 2 meteorites: press AD or left and right arrow keys to rotate

With 1 meteorite: press AD or left and right arrow keys to dodge You can invert the controls in the main menu

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